whenever people ask if i have a twitter i say no

— GRANDMA (@nomosexual) April 22, 2014

i’m sick of being so sensitive and letting every fucking thing affect me

Anonymous said: How can I get my hands on one of your cute little handmade books?

you can buy them here



not always (par katie.drew)

Seamus Heaney’s last words: ”Don’t be afraid” (Noli timere), painted by Dublin artist Maser

am i even allowed to go to bed at 10:45, i feel like it’s illegal or morally wrong

Anonymous said: could you post a picture of your boyfriend and you together :)?

awww okay, this is the only one i have although i think it describes us fairly accurately



After the shower.  Oil on linen.  An experiment in how many water drops I could paint before I went insane. (i lost count)

my boyfriend and i have like zero pictures together because i hate having my picture taken and he’s always the one taking them so he’s never in them so when i see a picture of us together and we’re both in it it’s really nice and cute, the end

sometimes i go places and do things and try to have a good time but it just doesn’t work


I think about you everyday………………………. SIKE! I THINK ABOUT MYSELF 24/7 I LOVE MYSELF